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Aberle, Hermann, Prof. Dr. Functional Cell Morphology
Armbruster, Ute, Prof. Dr. Molecular Photosynthesis
Axmann, Ilka Maria, Prof. Dr. Synthetic Microbiology
Bauer, Petra, Prof. Dr. Botany
Beye, Martin, Prof. Dr. Evolutionary Genetics
Ebenhöh, Oliver, Prof. Dr. Quantitative and Theoretical Biology
Feldbrügge, Michael, Prof. Dr. Microbiology
Fleig, Ursula, apl. Prof. Dr. Eukaryotic Microbiology
Fraune, Sebastian, Prof. Dr. Zoology and Organismic Interactions
Frommer, Wolf B., Prof. Dr. Molecular Physiology
Grossmann, Guido, Prof. Dr. Cell and Interaction Biology
Groth, Georg, Prof. Dr. Biochemical Plant Physiology
Hamann, Elena, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Plant ecology and Evolution
Hegemann, Johannes, Sen. Prof. Dr. Functional Genome Research of Microorganisms
Heise, Henrike, Prof. Dr. Solid-State NMR group
Jaeger, Karl-Erich, Prof. Dr. Molecular Enzymtechnology
Jahns, Peter, apl. Prof. Dr. Photosynthesis and stress physiology of plants
Klein, Thomas, Prof. Dr. Genetics
Kollmann, Markus, Prof. Dr. Mathematical Modelling of Biological Systems
Korff Schmising, Maria von, Prof. Dr. Plant Genetics
Kutsch, Miriam, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Molecular pathogenicity
Lammert, Eckhard, Prof. Dr. Metabolic Physiology
Martin, William F., Prof. Dr. Molecular Evolution
Nowack, Eva, Prof. Dr. Microbial Cell Biology
Pauly, Markus, Prof. Dr. Plant Cell Biology & Biotechnology
Pfeffer, Klaus, Prof. Dr. med. Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene
Prömel, Simone, Prof. Dr. Cell Biology
Rose, Christine, Prof. Dr. Neurobiology
Rose, Laura, Prof. Dr. Population Genetics
Simon, Rüdiger, Prof. Dr. Developmental Genetics
Stahl, Yvonne, apl.Prof. Dr. Plant root development
Usadel, Björn, Prof. Dr.  Biological Data Science
Weber, Andreas, Prof. Dr. Plant Biochemistry
Willbold, Dieter, Prof. Dr. Physical Biology
Zeier, Jürgen, Prof. Dr. Molecular Ecophysiology of Plants
Zurbriggen, Matias, Prof. Dr. Synthetic Biology


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