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Application/aptitude test

Application/aptitude test

Applications for the master's programs in biology will be submitted via an application portal. The admission board examines the suitability on the basis of the submitted documents. The aceptance letter (certificate of suitability) is necessary to enroll in the program. The enrollment is managed by our admisnistration. Students from abroad have to admit their documents to our administration. More information: undefinedenrollment


Formal prerequisite for admission to the degree programme is

  • a completed four-year bachelor's degree in biology or biochemistry for the one year master´s program (MBIO1).
  • a completed three-year bachelor's degree in biology or biochemistry for the one year master´s program (MBIO2)
  • The language of instruction and examination is English/German.
  • Applicants must certificate their language skills by an individual language proficiency certificate: we will accept TOEFL (90 internet based), IELTS (6,5 or better) or an equivalent cambridge certificate. Exeption: Graduates completed a bachelor degree with official language English in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand or graduates from Bachelor Biology Plus International or Quantitative Biology programme (HHU) need no individual language proficiency certificate.
Aptitude test

Before you can enroll, we have to review your professional competence. For this please register in our undefinedOnline Master-Portal .

Application deadlines:
  • 31st of January for summer term (April-July)
  • 31st of July for winter term (October-February)
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