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Study stays abroad

Study stays abroad

For many students it is a dream to spend one or two semesters abroad during their studies in order to study there. The Biology Department offers the Bachelor Plus International study program with integrated study abroad at Michigan State University and at the University of Western Australian.

Erasmus cooperation

Furthermore, Master and Bachelor students of Biology have the possibility to realize a stay abroad through the Erasmus program of the HHUD (e.g. Oslo).

Field reports

Experiences of current or former exchange students can be found under:

Experience Reports Europe
Experience Reports Overseas

Why study abroad?

Despite all the efforts involved in preparing for such a stay, a semester abroad is worthwhile in two aspects - on the one hand as an enrichment of one's own wealth of experience, and on the other hand as a plus point when applying for a job, since a semester abroad is seen as a sign of mobility and initiative and intercultural skills are in great demand on the job market.

Which semester is suitable for a stay abroad?

It is a good idea to do your stay abroad after the compulsory courses in the bachelor's programme, as elective courses taken at the foreign university are more easily accepted by the chairman of the examination board. In case of doubt, please discuss your plans with the academic advisor Dr. Fittinghoff.

Useful tips and links

In any case, you should obtain your information one year before the planned stay; both the contact with the foreign university and the awarding of travel grants take a lot of time.The International Office of the Heinrich Heine University or relevant websites of the Federal Ministry/DAAD will help you to choose a foreign university: go-out.

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