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Bachelor and Master Theses

As a rule, students can obtain information about possible bachelor or master theses directly from the institutes of biology (research areas). Information on how to apply for bachelor and master theses at the institutes of biology and which requirements are necessary can also be found on the pages of the individual institutes or in the course catalogue HIS-LSF.

In addition to offers from biology, medical institutes also offer bachelor and master theses. Please note that for a thesis outside of biology a supervisor/reviewee from biology is still required. Please clarify this in advance before you start the work.


How do I find a Bachelor thesis?

  1. Bachelor theses are always assigned in consultation with a professor/institute of biology. Therefore, always contact the respective professor/institute head by e-mail.
  2. Prerequisites for a bachelor thesis at a specific institute are:
    • Motivation letter (Why am I interested in a bachelor thesis especially in your institute?) including a statement of the intended period of time
    • Sending of the transcript and list of the V-modules that have already participated or the V-modules that will be approved in the future
    • Performed V-module and/or Bio-election modules in this institute, if an experimental bachelor thesis is desired
  3. Exceptions to these requirements are of course always possible in consultation with the professor/ institute director

Wie finde ich eine Bachelorarbeit?

  1. Bachelorarbeiten werden immer in Absprache mit einem Professor/Institut der Biologie vergeben. Daher immer die entsprechenden Professoren/ Institutsleiter per e-mail anschreiben.
  2. Vorraussetzungen für eine Bachelorarbeit an einem bestimmten Institut sind:
    • Motivationsanschreiben (Warum interessiere ich mich für eine Bachelorarbeit speziell in Ihrem Institut?) inklusive Nennung des anvisierten Zeitraumes
    • Senden des ggw. Transkriptes sowie Liste an den teilgenommenen V-Modulen, bzw. der zukünftig schon zugelassenen V-Module
    • Durchgeführtes V-Modul und/oder Biowahl Modul in diesem Institut, wenn eine experimentelle Bachelorarbeit gewünscht wird
  3. Ausnahmen dieser Voraussetzungen sind natürlich immer in Absprache mit dem Professor/ Institutsleiter möglich
How do I successfully apply for a Bachelor thesis?

Not a good attempt, if you write a three-line text with the phrase - "I am a bachelor student and am looking for a bachelor thesis" you will probably not get an answer or a refusal. The professor knows nothing about you. more

Offers for Bachelor Theses

For bachelor theses in biology, please refer to the websites of the institutes

Offers Master Theses

For master theses in biology, please refer to the pages of the institutes

Master Theses at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I

Master thesis at the Institute of Physical Biology, AG König
Immobilization of the anchor peptide LCI on nanoparticles

Master thesis at the Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology I:
Detection and quantification of the intracellular synthesis of carbon monoxide by hemooxygenases (09.2019)

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