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Contact persons for students


Contact persons for students

Lecturers in biology or the module should be the first point of contact for questions regarding module organisation. The persons responsible for and organisers of the modules can be found in the respective module descriptions.

Chairman of the examination board

Usually, your first point of contact should be the lecturers of the modules or the student advisor. If your concerns cannot be solved at this level, you should contact the Examination board. The Examination board  ensures compliance with the examination regulations. Inquiries or requests made ​​to the chairman of the examination board.

Deputy chairman of the examination board

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Stich
Building: 22.07
Floor/Room: 01.046
+49 211 81-13395

Student representatives

The interests of biology students are represented by the student council, which consists of elected representatives of biology students. The student council is organised in committees to represent the interests of the students (e.g.: in the examination board) and organises, among other things, the first semester welcome. It also provides students with advice and support and is happy to receive any assistance and suggestions. For more information please visit the website of the Fachschaftsrat Biologie.

Student Services Centre (SSC)

For students and prospective students the Heinrich Heine University offers a central service point on campus with the Student Service Center (SSC). The SSC is open from 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.

Registrar's and Examinations Office (SPV)

Your contact person for all organizational questions concerning your studies at the Heinrich Heine University is the Registrar's and Examinations Office (SPV).

Orientation Tutorials

The orientation tutorials in biology take place every semester and are given in German. These are offered by students for students. Profit from the experience of your predecessors! The orientation tutorials provide information and support for a successful start to your studies. The tutorials are also interesting for students in higher semesters, as the Master's application is also discussed there.

Students also learn:

  • how to set up their university e-mail,
  • What ECTS points and degrees are,
  • Which offers are available for students of the HHU (e.g.: university sports, software portals)
  • How they can best prepare for exams (learning strategies),
  • How to register for exams,
  • What to take into account during their studies if they are recipients of BAföG,
  • How they choose their modules/internships,
  • How and where to find the right contact person,
  • Where to find important information (module allocation, examination regulations)
  • How to organise your studies efficiently
  • How to use portals of the HHU optimally (student portal, ILIAS, LSF)
  • How to get side jobs and scholarships,
  • and much more...

The dates of the orientation tutorials are listed in the electronic course catalogue LSF.

O-Tutorienbeauftragte der Biologie

Dr. Kirsten Fittinghoff
Department Biologie
Building: 26.24
Floor/Room: U1.072
+49 211 81-15356

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