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Examination issues

Examination Matters

All regulations relating to examinations are summarised in the published examination regulations. The examination board of the Biology department is responsible for ensuring that the examination regulations are adhered to. All processes related to examinations (archiving, registration and de-registration of written examinations, issuing of topics, etc.) are administered by the Academic Examinations Office. If any problems relating to examinations arise, these are to be dealt with by the examination board.

Exam dates

The module examinations of the compulsory modules of the first four semesters of B.Sc. Biology take place in fixed examination windows. Please check again shortly before the examination to see if there have been any changes in time and space.

Examination registration and deregistration

Mandatory modules
Biology students can register online for the exams of the compulsory modules (Bio110-Bio280, OC, AC, Physics and Mathematics) in the student portal. Instructions and assistance can be found on the faculty's website. In the media library you will find additional help for registration in the student portal. The registration must be made at least 7 days before the exam. If you do not meet this deadline, you cannot take the exam. Up to one week before the exam date of a compulsory module, every student can cancel the exam in the student portal.

Rules and conduct guidelines (for students and lecturers)

Elective modules
Elective modules are offered in the deepening study Bachelor (V-modules) and in the Master's study (M-modules). These are also concluded with an examination. For information on the examination procedures in the individual modules, please contact the module coordinators. The examinations are usually held directly after the completed module. Registration/deregistration for elective compulsory modules (V-Module, M-Module) is carried out directly by the lecturers. At the end of the course, the lecturers either report the results of the students and the Examination Office or hand out a certificate.

Failure to appear/ Failure to pass
In case of non-attendance or failure to pass the exam, a new registration must be made in due time for the following date.

Notification of illness
If the candidate is unable to attend the registered date due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted to the Examination Office (Student and Examination Administration); the examination attempt will not be counted as a failed attempt. For the next exam date, the candidate must register again in due time. More information on the topic: Behaviour in case of illness.

Examination regulations

How do you know which examination regulations apply to you?
The examination regulations that were valid at the beginning of your studies remain valid for you until the end of your studies.

Change of examination regulations

It is possible to switch from an older examination version to the new examination version 2019. However, since this may have consequences that are not obvious at first glance, you should consult the Student Advisory Service in advance.

Application to change the examination regulations

Possibility of applying for a third module repeat examination

In anticipation of an change in the examination regulations, it will be possible in future to apply for a new examination attempt in a subject of the programme. However, this is only possible once!

Request for third repeat examination

Registration, admission and renewal of Bachelor and Master theses

The bachelor thesis can only be registered once all compulsory modules and two V-modules in B.Sc. Biology have been successfully completed. Students of the four-year bachelor variants PLUS International need all compulsory modules and one V-module to register. Students of Quantitative Biology must have successfully completed all modules of the basic and qualification phase and the Synthetic Biology module.

The master's thesis is an experimental final thesis and can only be completed at the end of the Master's programme. The Master thesis is supervised by a professor or a research associate with a habilitation who works full-time in the subject of the regulated course of study at the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Exceptions are regulated by the examination board.

  • Registration for the Bachelor's or Master's thesis is done via the student portal.
  • Before registering online on the portal, as has been the case up to now, a discussion on the intended registration should already have taken place with the desired first examiners.
  • Please note that you will receive feedback on your registration by e-mail as soon as possible. Please check your HHU-mail account at regular intervals. As soon as you receive the mail, the processing time starts.
  • According to § 63 paragraph 1 of the Higher Education Act, the examinee must also be matriculated when submitting the paper.
  • The issued topic can be returned by the examinee only once and only within four weeks after the issue.
  • The processing time for the Bachelor thesis is 3 months.
  • The processing time for the Master thesis is 6 months.
  • Exceptionally, the examination board may extend the processing time by up to 6 weeks in individual cases upon justified request. The application for extension of the processing time is submitted to the examination board via the Student and Examination Administration.
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