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Financing of the studies

It is not possible to study biology as a part-time course. Any person planning to work alongside his or her studies must organise their working time to fit the lecture plan. There are a number of organisations that can help you finance your studies by providing loans or scholarships: BAföG, Educational, support as a "bank loan", DAKA loan, Student loan, KfW student loan, Grants/scholarships. You can find out more about options for financing on the web pages of the Studentenwerk (Student Services Office).

Proof of performance according to §48 BAföG

From the fifth semester onwards, educational support for attending a university is only granted from the time when the student submits a certificate of the completed courses to the BAföG office. A certificate of achievement according to §48 BAföG for biology students can only be issued by the Biology Study Office starting with the 4th semester.

What do you need for the proof of performance according to §48 BAföG?

  • a current transcript of records - issued by the examination office 
  • the form 5 - available at the BAföG office or on the net 
  • BAföG forms.

Which performances must be achieved?

A positive performance record for the 4th semester is usually awarded to students of the B.Sc. Biology who meet one of the following criteria:

  • in the 4th semester before the examination windows 8 of 11 modules (alternatively 61 CP),
  • after the 1st examination window of the 4th semester 10 of 15 modules (alternatively 77 CP) or
  • after the 2nd examination window of the 4th semester 12 of 15 modules (alternatively 92 CP)

These rules do not apply to students who have started their studies in the succession procedure and to students of B.Sc. Biology PLUS International and B.Sc. Quantitative Biology. Please contact the study office during the 4th semester.

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