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Portals and important links

Student portal - the guide for students

The student portal combines data, information and functions of different systems of the university in a clear and uncomplicated way. You need the portal for online exam registration, to access course materials, to evaluate courses, and to view exam results.

HIS-LSF - the electronic course catalogue

LSF stands for "Lehre, Studium, Forschung" ("teaching, study, research"). LSF is the electronic course catalogue of the HHU. LSF is a purely web-based application. All user functions are accessible via the common web browsers. LSF offers many functions, like the allocation of courses or the creation of an individual timetable.

ILIAS - the eLearning platform

ILIAS is a powerful, web-based learning platform. It not only allows the creation, provision and administration of different objects and materials, but also offers communication and collaboration possibilities that can be used between lecturers and students as well as between students themselves.

Portal for aptitude assessment M.Sc. Biology

Before students can enrol for the Master's programmes, the subject must first assess the suitability of applicants. Applicants can use the portal to upload meaningful documents for determining suitability. You can find more information in the portal and under Master Application.

Botany Trainer - eLearning for the Botany Module

The botanical trainer is an offer for exam preparation that was developed within the framework of a HeinEComp funding initiative. It is intended to give students the opportunity to examine various possible questions in freely organised self-study and to prepare for the botany examination.

ZIM - Centre for Information and Media Technology

ZIM is a central service and competence centre for all aspects of digital information supply and processing. At the helpdesk you can get help with questions about IT at the HHU, such as e-mail, network, IT security, software, WLAN access and much more.

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