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Vorkurse/Klausurvorbereitung vor dem Sommersemester 2018

Die Termine für die Vorkurse im März vor dem Sommersemester 2018 stehen fest. Für Biologie-Studienanfänger gibt es einen Chemie Vorkurs (05.-16. März) und einen Klausurvorbereitungskurs für die Mathematik und die Physik Klausur.

Auf der Vorkurs-Webseite gibt es alle Informationen:
Eine Anmeldung ist ab Mitte Januar möglich. Bei Fragen zu den Kursen, bitte folgende Mailadresse verwenden: Vorkurs(at)

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Biology at HHU

At HHU, bio-scientific research is a key focus and we have one of the best-funded research centres in NRW. In addition, the biology department here is included in the latest rankings of the "Excellence Group" of European Universities. At the moment students can take diploma, bachelor and master's courses in biology. The biology department now offers a new kind of bachelor programme in biology with a variable course length that gives students the opportunity to switch to the four-year B.Sc. PLUS/International version including a period of study abroad in the USA. The biology department also offers the post-graduate two-year master's programme M.Sc. Biology which offers students the opportunity to specialise in a number of different areas. From the summer semester 2012 onwards, the biology department will also be offering a one-year international master's programme M.Sc. Biology International. Doctoral candidates will benefit from the intensive support of the graduate academy iGRAD and specialised graduate programmes throughout their entire period of study. Over the next few years, the HHU is planning a number of extensive building and modernisation projects for the biology department.


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